All Stitched Up

A Return to Handcrafts

Many of the objects we use in our daily life are churned out of assembly lines, with little or no human contact. The longing for original, sustainable, unique objects that have integrity has created renewed interest in almost forgotten skills.

Over the last decade or so, we have embraced handcrafts of all descriptions, both in our homes and in our fashion choices. Handmade has become the new luxury. Knitting is one of the skills that is enjoying a renaissance. The ingenuity and breadth of adaptations of knitted products is astounding.

The traditional knitting material is wool, but we now see diverse products utilised – rubber, polypropylene, leather, recycled fabric, linen and felt – creating texture and colour that we love to use in our work.

We tip our (knitted) hat to this handcraft in all its different forms!

Ondene Knitted Bowl
Jardan Cloud Throw
Anna Douglass Knitted Leather Jewelry
StudioLEVINE Artwear
Gan Rugs Mangas Rug