A Day Out

Basket Weaving with Harriet Goodall

The Hare + Klein team made some time recently to come together and share the opportunity to work creatively with our hands. We all share a passion for handmade & textural objects, collecting and sourcing pieces for our interiors, clients and our own personal collections. So what better way to make some of our own object d’art than a basket-weaving workshop with Harriet Goodall hosted by Koskela. The Koskela Workshop Space – created by Russel Koskela and Sasha Titchkosky as part of the Koskela Showroom – is a wonderful warehouse space filled with natural light and plenty of inspiration. Harriet is a talented sculptural basket maker who creates her works from harvested plant materials and decaying farm debris. Her workshop was inspiring and gave us a much needed injection of creativity. We experimented with traditional and random basket weaving techniques utilising beautiful natural fibres gathered by Harriet. Such an exciting variety of baskets evolved, all with their own unique shape, texture, hue and purpose. There was much basket envy in the room! At the end of a morning’s weaving we all had a unique woven vessel to take home and a new respect for the ancient art of weaving baskets. “There is something very relaxing about weaving collected natural materials to hand shape a basket” – Eloise