H+K Detail Series

Residential Bathroom Design

Bathrooms are the private space in a home where we go to bathe, to cleanse – both physically and spiritually – and to renew. It is where we indulge; a part of the morning and evening routine. As a room so entrenched in our daily lives, the more beautiful the bathroom, the more potential it has to lift our mood. In ancient cultures bathing was for hygiene as well as ritual, with an importance placed on the design of the space in which this custom took place. The Egyptians and Romans loved bathing… clearly they were onto something! As people enjoy the luxurious bathrooms in resorts internationally – designed not just as a functional space, but one of indulgence and reflection – this has translated in a push to recreate this environment on a residential scale. Fittings and fixtures that were once of a more utilitarian nature, have been reconsidered in their design. Free-standing baths for instance, have become sculptural objects within larger bathrooms often located to take in the view, adding to the feeling of luxury and relaxation. Our approach is to design within the architectural envelope of the house, but particularly in the case of the main en suite, to also consider it as a special and inspiring space. Photography by: Nicholas Watt and Jenni Hare