Hare + Klein Detail Series

Children’s Bedrooms

Designing children’s bedrooms is fun! It gives us the chance to bring out the kid in ourselves, but it’s important to remember that it’s their room not ours!

Children need space to have fun in their rooms, they need to express themselves and we need to give them space to let their imaginations run riot! Blank spaces such as open shelves and pinboards, wall hooks and blackboards encourage their creativity and their ownership of the space.

For their parent’s sake – it’s also important to have lots of storage – so that clearing up after major creativity is possible! There is a fine balance between making a room with pattern and colour to stimulate their imagination and tying them up with a rigid colour scheme that they will outgrow. They change quickly and whereas they may love a certain palette now, that can change, so instead of using expensive fabrics on major items, it makes sense to add accents of pattern and colour instead.


Jen Wilding and Nicholas Watt