Hare + Klein Designer Rugs Collection

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Tomorrow sees the launch of our first Hare + Klein Rug Collection, the result of a collaboration with Designer Rugs. Whilst we have been working with the team at Designer Rugs for many years, the process of bringing this collection to life over the past year has brought us closer and provided us with a renewed appreciation for the process involved in bringing a design to life and the journey that the Tal family has been on to establish this iconic Australian company.

We asked Eli and Yosi Tal to tell us a bit about the history of how they started Designer Rugs and about the evolution of the Designer Rugs Collaboration Series – a well-established and diverse range with some of Australia’s best known artists, fashion designers, textile designers & interior designers that has produced some of the most recognisable and interesting rug collections.

How did Designer Rugs start? Eli: We had the idea to start Designer Rugs in 1985 – my wife Nurit, son Yosi and I. The company was then established in June 1986. At the time most of the rugs in Australia were imported from Europe, China and the Far East and were beige or brown in colour. We wanted to represent the Australian way of life, Australian colours and Australian talent. We also believed that rugs should be in primary colours. When we shared this idea, we were told that we would go broke within a year, but the world eventually caught up. We had a tough time to begin with and worked for the first year without being able to sell anything. Then the Pope came to Australia – Pope John Paul II. We made a rug for his visit, it was a large rug in the papal red and subdued beige, and it worked beautifully. It really put us on the map.

How did the Designer Collaborations evolve? Eli: Yosi came up with idea to form collaborations with other designers and artists. Akira Isogawa was our first collaboration. We were introduced through Vogue. Now we are launching a collaboration with another well-known name in design – Hare + Klein.

What is it about creating rugs that brings you the most joy? Eli: Seeing how a design on A4 paper actually becomes a reality – the beauty of it. And seeing how a room is brought together around this rug, how the designer brings everything together in harmony. They are the unifying force.

How would you describe the Hare + Klein collection? Yosi: Textured and layered. Inspired by a design journey which could never be replicated.

From your perspective what makes this collection unique? Yosi: The use of the materials in a very imaginative way and the inspiration of a long, productive and very successful design journey by a group of immensely talented people.

ETCHED by Eloise Fotheringham
UNEARTHED by Belinda Chippindale
TWINE by Hellen Pappas
SWEPT by Melanie Kightley
MEMORY by Meryl Hare
SHADOWS by Meryl Hare
EROSION by Anna Douglass

The Hare + Klein Designer Rugs Collection available From Designer Rugs.

Photography by: Jenni Hare