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Erosion by Anna

EROSION by Anna Douglass

Which is your rug?

What was your concept?
I went to see the lace exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum and was inspired by the way lace was made, how many ways it could be used and how many materials could be transformed into lace.
I also loved the way old lace had eroded and worn, giving it a whole additional layer of texture and history.

How did you develop your design?
I started with a concept from the exhibition and drew a number of variations based on the inspiration by hand, with pencil, rubbing out and thickening lines. I then photocopied onto tracing paper and scratched further into the final design – eroding it and ageing it.
I also did a coloured pencil version to get the placement and balance of the colours right.

How was the texture worked through your design?
The next step was working out how the fibres should be woven to reflect the design. There is a combination of cut pile silk – lustre and layering; loop pile hemp abash – contrast and textural interest; wool abrash – softness and depth, and so on.

What did you learn from the overall process?
I have designed rugs before for client projects so was familiar with the process, but it is so much more personal and subjective when the design is for “you”. It was very interesting developing the textures and balancing these.

How does it feel to see the finished product?
Scary, fabulous, unbelievable, unnerving! I have to say that it was one of my proudest moments, having designed the rug, pre sold it before we even saw the first finished rugs, to have the client say how wonderful she and all her friends thought it was and when Meryl told her I had designed it my chest did swell quite a bit. What a great opportunity we have been given by Hare + Klein again! Thank you.

EROSION - Original Artwork

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Photography by: Jen Wilding