Ceramics Workshop with Little White Dish

Getting Our Hands Dirty

From time to time the team at Hare + Klein take time out to come together and step outside of our comfort zone creatively. Late last year an opportunity came up for us to work with porcelain artist Deb Taylor from Little White Dish and spend some time exploring the intricate art of ceramics. We found Deb online whilst searching for beautiful things, and approached her about doing a workshop. A former Artist-in-Residence at COFA, Deb has now set up a ceramics studio with four colleagues at a shared space in Erskineville called claypool. The focus for the workshop was on creating simple porcelain forms from two types of porcelain; fine china white – to create jewellery – and a basic porcelain that we used to make bowls and votifs. We had a wonderful time getting dirty, rolling slabs of clay, applying patterns and letting our imaginations run wild! The resulting work was many and varied. All in all the day was both therapeutic and fun, so much so that most of the team signed up for seconds, opting to head back on the Saturday for a session of glazing.