Kirribilli Apartment


This apartment in a 1970’s block with incredible Sydney Harbour views, was in original condition with small bathrooms and a closed in kitchen – ripe for a complete renovation! Our clients’ brief was to create a comfortable, welcoming interior, applying logic to the layout.

Victoria Cybulski was the project designer and reconfigured spaces with an eye to aesthetics, budget and existing services.  Horizon Habitats were engaged as builders and delivered on time and budget.

Light now flows into the south facing living spaces contrasted with internal darker more atmospheric private rooms. Reflective mosaics were used in the kitchen to capture light from the north and vermiculite ceilings were sheeted and painted white to bring reflected light from the south. The colours and materials were chosen to complement and frame the iconic Sydney harbour views.

The response from our client has been wonderful, as demonstrated by a generous thank you note which included ‘…thank you so much for the sensational renovation you designed and managed at our apartment in Kirribilli… We actually enjoyed the process. That was as a result of your ability to quickly get in tune with what we were after, producing simply superb designs… Your attention to detail and ingenuity are both amazing and greatly appreciated. Every time I walk through the front door I get a smile on my face. And to top it all off, you and your crew were an absolute pleasure to work with.’

Photography by Jenni Hare