Harbourview House

A Hilltop Home

The challenge for this hilltop home in Bellevue Hill, completed in 2009, was to create a sense of intimacy and human scale within the large architectural envelope. Our approach was to deconstruct the overwhelming scale into manageable areas whilst maintaining a cohesive sense of the whole. Zones were delineated with different floor finishes, a layered ceiling plan, and changes in level. This created spatial hierarchies and strong vertical punctuations, drawing the eye through the spaces and connecting them visually. By overlapping the timber floor boards and the linear ceiling we created a visual sight line between the interior and exterior.

A large, graphic artwork in the formal living area served as a visual full stop and the concealed skylight above the stone plinth provided warmth and changing shadows throughout the day. A minimalist, pared back aesthetic was employed, overlaid with a warm palate of finishes. On a foundation of natural stone and recycled timber, we introduced polished concrete, stainless steel and timber veneer to achieve a harmonious palate. We continued the use of natural finishes in the furnishings, using chunky weave floor rugs and natural linen upholstery.

Lighting was a key design element in creating intimacy and defining zones. Simple solid glass pendants [Bocci from Hub Furniture] were hung over the concrete bench top illuminating it and introducing a touch of glamour. In contrast we used the natural language of the Scribble Pendants from Cult Design over the dining room table.

Photography by Product K