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The Impact of Art in Interior Design

art by Garry Shead close up

This is such a big subject, that we can only scratch the surface of the impact of art in our projects.  Firstly, we are not art dealers, and our role in the art acquisitions of our clients varies from project to project.  Sometimes, we will be designing around an existing art collection and on other projects we may be working with clients who haven’t yet acquired art, and of course sometimes it’s a combination of both.

While we may have opinions and personal preferences when it comes to art (who doesn’t), we are acutely aware that the interiors we design should reflect the personalities and taste of our clients.  Having said that, we are often asked to be involved in the art selections for clients, and we are happy to assist with selections, working with different galleries and art consultants, depending on the brief and budget. 

art by Sabrina Nangala Robertson and Margaret Lewis Napangardi

Art – even originals such as these paintings (above) by Sabrina Nangala Robertson (black) and Margaret Lewis Napangardi (yellow) from Artduo – don’t have to be inaccessible in order to add drama to a room, especially on a contrasting background colour. 

art - gerhard batha painting in entrance

Artwork in the entry to a home has immediate impact, and may have the effect of a gallery with enough distance to appreciate the painting/s.

Graham Fransella art in hallway

Often there is a story behind the purchase of a painting.  On a trip to Paris with a client, she spotted the painting below in a gallery opposite our hotel on the Left Bank.  We had arrived on Sunday and were leaving on Friday, but – as often happens in Paris – the gallery stayed stubbornly closed until the morning we left, by which time, we had become slightly obsessed with the painting.  It now has pride of place in the dining room, and is the first painting you see on entering the home.  We often laugh about how the desire to own it increased each day the gallery stayed shut.

art in dining room

The beautiful Gemelle Madigan painting (below) on perspex through Graphis Gallery is the focal point of the main cabin in a luxury yacht we decorated – reflecting the water and light from outside.  

art - Gemelle Madigan painting on super yacht

In an apartment on a Sydney Harbour wharf, the impact of the Martine Emdur painting (below) brings a luminous underwater image into this double volume space, linking it to the water outside.

Art brings life into interiors, it can be confronting or simply lift the spirits, either way it adds another dimension and layer of texture and colour to homes, and we find that once art collecting starts it often becomes a lifelong passion. 

Art - Martine Emdur painting


Peninsula House – photo by Nicholas Watt

Clifton Garden Home, Fairlight Residence; Sydney HomeQuantumJones Bay Wharf – photos by Jenni Hare

Federation Revival – photo by Anson Smart