Artist Profile

Joanna Kitas

There is a serenity to the work of artist Joanna Kitas. She uses so many layers of paint that you find yourself looking deep into the painting, and the beauty of them is that there is nothing static about them. Her paintings are investigations into the world of mood and colour, dreams and imagination expressed through constant layering and the dissolving of imagery and form. Her work is unique in that each painting changes depending on the lighting, time of day and position in which it is placed making them a powerful medium for linking the colours of a room. We have placed them onto backgrounds such as off shutter concrete and stone walls where conventional art would not work. Born in NSW and a graduate of the National Art School, Joanna has exhibited her works extensively and has been selected for many prestigious art prizes throughout her career including the Rick Amor Drawing Prize, Portia Geach Memorial Award and Brett Whiteley travelling art scholarship. Available from Artduo, her breadth of work is exciting, so much so that two of our designers have collected her work for their own homes.