A Few of our Favourite Things


One of the things we love about working in design is that we are constantly introduced to new and interesting products. So, we thought we would take some time each month to hero ‘A Few of our Favourite Things’. This week we’re kicking off with Lighting. Lighting is integral to the ambience of a home – setting the mood, evoking emotion, creating comfortable spaces, drama, shadows and highlights. At the same time it needs to be functional and efficient. We prefer to conceal the light source, where possible, featuring the wash of light that it produces rather than the fitting; except where the fitting is well designed and functional, adding to the decoration of a room and creating atmosphere. The lights we’ve chosen below are some of our favourites… Circle Lamp from dedece Sculptural, organic and graphic – this light has a simple elegant form.

Skygarden from Euroluce The Skygarden is the perfect balance between traditional and very contemporary. We therefor often use it when we are doing a link between the old and the contemporary parts of a house. It is a good transition light. The inside has a beautiful plaster moulded embellishment reminiscent of ceiling roses in older homes and the outside is contemporary bronze colour – tactile but minimalist.

Serge Mouille Lampadaire 3 Bras from Cult These beautifully crafted sculptural lights were originally designed in the 1950’s. Functionally, they have the ability to swivel, move and light the room in an intriguing way.

Heavy from ECC Made from a material that we love to use – concrete – there is a honesty about this light. It is beautiful in form and extremely versatile.

Roy PR from Viabizzuno The Roy PR combines a classic and clean aesthetic with practicality. It is both functional and beautiful. We have recently selected this light for a number of our projects.

Sol Floor Lamp from Jardan New to the Jardan range, this light caught our eye because of the natural timber shade. We think it could be great for a beach house or a relaxed home.