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Our Approach To Designing A Warm And Enticing Living Room

Bellevue Home Living Room by Hare + Klein

Living Rooms hold a special place in our homes and in our psyche.  It is where we relax, entertain, commune as a family, watch TV (sometimes) and generally hang out or recharge.  Usually one of the largest rooms in the home, the living room is often top of the hierarchy of allocated space.  The idea of the living room as a formal space reserved for guests is no longer part of most contemporary homes.  After all, why shouldn’t the whole family enjoy the best room in the home?

Living Room Details by Hare + Klein

When we start developing concepts with clients, the Living Room is often the area we address first.  Fundamentally – together with the kitchen and dining rooms – it is the heart of the home.  We look at the spatial plan, identify the focal elements and then develop the furniture layout taking into account views, fireplace, TV, conversational seating, lighting and access. There are often conflicting priorities to manage, such as – view vs TV – which leads to the odd compromise.

Contemporary Melbourne Living Room by Hare + Klein

Every home is a new journey that we embark on with our clients.  Their home is a reflection of their lifestyle, personality and culture, and it’s important that we clearly understand these factors before we start to design.  No two briefs are the same, however, if there is one common thread in most of our briefs it is to achieve a comfortable inviting home.  

Living Room Details by Hare + Klein

There are many layers to consider in developing a beautiful Living Room; wall linings, floor finishes,  general + accent lighting, rugs, sofas, window coverings, occasional chairs, coffee tables, side tables, floor and table lamps, sofa tables, consoles and possibly a piano or small desk.  Colour and texture are further built up with art, accessories, books, throws, scatters cushions.  


As a living room should reflect the personalities of the owners, there should be space to add new objects or art over time, enriching the space and making it more personal.  Living Room ambience is all these elements coming together to create a warm, inviting, comfortable space.  If the room is enticing, drawing people in, then it can be judged as successful!

Living Room Details by Hare + Klein


Bellevue Home – Photos by Jenni Hare

Ode House – Photos by Jenni Hare

Contemporary Melbourne – Photo by Jenni Hare

Eastern Harbour – Photos by Nicholas Watt

North Bondi  – Photo by Nicholas Watt