Hare & Klein Studio

Sydney Office Design And Fit Out

Hare + Klein's Sydney office

I thought I would share a glimpse of Hare + Klein’s office space with you – where we spend most of our waking hours during the week, creating beautiful homes and sharing the vision with our clients.  When we first moved into our working space nearly eight years ago, it was dark, gloomy and full of faux French furniture with dark drapes, but, there were windows on all sides bringing in natural light  and once we took down walls (and drapes), opened it up and painted it white – light flooded in- the essential ingredient in our work.

In reconfiguring the space, we rebuilt the staircase, created a new kitchen and bathroom, allocated space on the western side to double as; a work room, surrounded by samples stored in the joinery; and a presentation room for client meetings, separated by sliding doors when needed.  There are another two meeting areas for when things get really busy, or we stop to have lunch or a chat.  

We painted the original pine floors white in the area that houses our desks and work stations, making this a neutral space, perfect for selecting materials and colours.  The desks are simple trestle tables and much of the storage in this area is from Ikea, so nothing fancy, but practical and flexible.  Everyone has a pinboard, and I find myself intrigued by the images that each designer collects as inspiration.

Our studio is convivial, a place where everyone feels comfortable – so much so that we sometimes forget to go home!  For our clients, I’m told that they feel a delightful sense of anticipation when they are led into the main meeting room, the doors are closed and the concepts and ideas are presented.