Through the Lens

Photographer Nicholas Watt

Our photo shoots with photographer Nicholas Watt over the past few years have produced some stunning images, many of which have featured in our book ‘Hare + Klein: Texture, Colour, Comfort’. He is a perfectionist, without being precious, so he’s a delight to work with as well as being a fund of useful information! Nick’s work speaks for itself – everything he does, he does with passion. Where did your passion for photography begin? It began when I was 16 years old when my dad bought me a Ricoh XR-10 SUPER. It was my first 35mm SLR and it allowed me to take the photograph as I envisaged it. What inspires you in life… and through the lens? Life and lens are the same thing to me, it’s all life. I am just lucky to have found a vehicle that helps me engage & capture moments in my life. In life I am inspired by people doing good things, whether it be design process at work, or someone who can master the art of making a proper sandwich. What special skills and equipment would you consider essential when photographing interior architecture? Patience and keeping abreast of the constant progression of global aesthetic trends, as well as comprehension of what needs to be portrayed through the designer’s vision. Who are your favourite photographers? Penn, Avedon, William Klein, Evans & Frank. What do you enjoy most about being a photographer? The profession exposes me to fascinating diverse people, exotic locations and creativity. The fact I am always viewing emerging content is exciting, as I am visual person and simply I enjoy making nice photographs. What do you think you would be doing now if you weren’t a photographer? Attempting to be a photographer…… I love gardening & food, so it would have to be a career that had some element of either. What has been your favourite Hare + Klein shoot to date? Every Hare + Klein job has had a interior/room that has sung to me, that being a certain something that I would like to incorporate in my dream home. If I had to choose it would be Coledale, as the project blends the indoor and outdoor. Photography by Nicolas Watt