Detail Series

Residential Kitchen Design

We enjoy designing kitchens! They are the heart of a home, where families congregate and food is enjoyed and shared. They are mostly in the centre of the home so the aesthetic is important but so is the function. Everyone prepares and cooks food differently, the choice of appliances determines the layout and there are cultural aspects to consider in the design. So no two kitchens are likely to be the same – therein lies the challenge for the designer.

We take all factors into account as well as the palette of finishes – the bench tops, floor, joinery, splash backs – and weave a practical and beautiful space to feed the soul of the family. Every other year we travel to the EuroCucina exhibition, which is part of the Salone de Mobile in Milan. It is a wonderful source of inspiration, and we draw on the new ideas and trends in our approach to kitchen design, but a kitchen isn’t a fashion item so the design needs integrity within the ‘design language’ of the home to ensure its longevity.

Photography by: Jenni Hare and Nicholas Watt