The curved sandstone walls or ‘spines’ repeat on the south and east elevations creating a strong, dominating, and earthy structural element to which we added more refined textured finishes as a foil.

Our clients, who were residing overseas were unable to view the house or visit during Covid, so all communication was virtual and meetings via Zoom until completion. The initial brief expanded, as the extent of work required to remediate defects grew.

Their expectation was for a refined and detailed interior with contrasts in material, but an overall calm for a robust
growing family. Specific requirements included a new study on the ground level, a cinema, and a fun bunkroom for children in a triple-volume bedroom. The challenge was to design the bunkroom within the required safety requirements.

The material strategy was influenced by the sandstone curved walls – in that their domination required a nuanced approach to soften the rawness in a compatible way so that the overall effect is now harmonious.

Photographed by:

Jen Wilding

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