Originally built in 1850 as a carriage house in Surry Hills, Sydney the building was converted in the early 1900’s to a metal castings factory.

Respecting the history of the building we repaired original walls, beams, columns and timberwork generally and expressed new work in contemporary materials without touching the fabric of the original envelope.

By letting the building dictate the design language we have added another layer to this honest old workhorse bringing it into the 21st century whilst preserving its original condition.

It is now fully functional as art workshop/studio, a home and a home office.


Australian Interior Design Awards 2011 – Shortlisted – Residential Interior Design

Australian Timber Design Awards 2011 – Winner – Small Budget Projects


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Andrew Martin International Interior Design Review Vol. 16

‘Texture Colour Comfort’ Hare + Klein published by Thames + Hudson

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Sydney Magazine – June 2011

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Photographed by:

Jen Wilding

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