Time Out

Shibori Workshop @ Koskela

Shibori koskela tools

Once and a while we take time as a team to stop and smell the indigo. Earlier this year we were lucky enough to spend the morning getting our shibori on with the wonderfully talented founders of Shibori Textiles, hosted in the most inspiring creative venue in Sydney – Koskela’s Workshop.

For those who are unfamiliar with this technique, Shibori is a Japanese indigo dying technique that dates back to the 8th century. It involves binding, stitching, folding, clamping or compressing cloth to create beautiful surface designs. As the characteristics of the fabrics differ, so to do the results that each technique creates, allowing for an unending potential for creative experimentation – as we happily discovered!

In a one day workshop it is difficult to do anything but merely scratch the surface of this intricate and detailed technique, however Pepa and Karen – the dynamic duo at Shibori Textiles – provided us with a sound introduction to a number of elementary techniques and then let us free. And the results were incredible. Once we embraced the wabi-wabi nature of resistance dying, the opportunity to explore and play with techniques, tools and fabrics had us all in creative heaven.

By the end of the session we all left with a selection of varied offcuts, a shibori silk scarf and a collection of bespoke dyed baby and kids clothes to include in our hamper for Lou’s Place – a charity close to our hearts.

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