City Penthouse

Sky High Living

It’s unusual for us to work on projects situated as high as this penthouse on the 56th and 57th floors of a city skyscraper. It presented a few challenges in design – as we were obviously restricted to the size of the goods lift – but we worked with the team at Horizon Habitats – who took the inconveniences in their stride.

The bird’s eye views of the city and surrounds are amazing and the weather up there is certainly more intense than on the ground, so it was important to the clients that we took advantage of the views, whilst creating a warm and inviting interior.

The building is 18 years old and the interior was dated, so the renovation was extensive and involved the re-design of the kitchen, bathrooms, staircase, terrace (including all services), lighting and finishes. We also reallocated some of the rooms, in particular our fashion conscious client was happy to sacrifice a bedroom to a large walk-in robe. The brief for this room was different to the rest of the penthouse – a bit of a fantasy – so we went with Christian Lacroix, an antique chandelier, custom designed mirrored furniture and custom carpet. Quite a fun brief and not designed with our usual restraint!

We opened up the kitchen to the double volume space that links the 2 levels and hung a collection of a dozen Tom Dixon Beat lights, enveloped by sheer curtains that fall from the top level to the dining area below.

The original staircase was a tortured design – our approach was to pare it back and simplify – creating a well-proportioned core to the apartment.

We’ve successfully created intimate areas using eclectic finishes such as stucco, stone, timber, grass cloth, metal laser cut screens, rugs and furniture within the generous space.

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Photography by Jenni Hare