Hare + Klein Detail Series


“A staircase is not just a way of getting from one floor to another. The stair, is itself a space, a volume, a part of the building; and unless this space is made to live, it will be a dead spot; and work to disconnect the building and to tear its processes apart.”              – A Pattern Language

Staircases are a challenge, but one we enjoy. They are often at the entry or the centre of a home; creating a journey, drawing people through, up and down. As a strong design feature, they offer the opportunity for drama, the potential to create a stand-alone design piece.

Natural light is a wonderful addition to a staircase volume, creating an ever changing dance of light and shadow throughout the day. In the evening, thoughtfully placed artificial lighting adds another layer, mood and texture.

We approach staircase design as a sculptural element in the space, in sympathy with the architecture of the project and as a way of connecting spaces vertically. The challenge lies in incorporating all of the rules and regulations associated with staircases whilst designing something of beauty. The finishes selected are very important, both from a practical and a design perspective. Whether they are stone, timber, carpet or concrete they need to connect the spaces and make the staircase volume cohesive.