Hare + Klein Designer Rugs

Swept by Melanie

Which is your rug?

What was your concept?
To be honest, I didn’t really have one! I’ve always been attracted to graphic artworks, textiles + homewares – and as a rug is really an artwork for your floor, knew I wanted to incorporate contrast into the design, but that was about it.

How did you develop your design?
I got my hands dirty! Pulled out the sketchbook and started playing with ink…I didn’t over-think it, but was really just enjoying the freedom of being able to create without a specific brief. I then scanned my design and digitally analysed what would look good as a rug (I did some serious cropping to create my design!) and then came back to hand sketching when thinking about colour + texture placement for the design.

How was the texture worked through your design?
By mixing up the materials and knotting techniques. We met with Designer Rugs early on and they talked us through what was possible from a production side of things – we then got creative! ‘Swept’ uses a combination of different materials (wool, hemp + silk), dying techniques and knotting styles (cut loop, loop pile) to create the texture and movement you feel in the rug. I love the colour chartreuse, and wanted this colour to be a subtle punch within the design, so decided the pure wool in a looped style would give the best (subtle) impact for this – this is my favourite section of the rug.

What did you learn from the overall process?
Rug designing is a lot trickier than it looks! It’s all about the detail…and this takes time. Part of the challenge has been the hand made nature of the rugs, every rug will be subtly different, which is also what makes these rugs so appealing – I think I’ve learnt not to be such a control freak (difficult for a designer!) and to enjoy the journey, even if you don’t know where it will take you…

How does it feel to see the finished product?
It’s pretty exciting actually! It’s amazing to see the collection all together – there’s definitely a collective consciousness amongst the H+K team. Bring on collection #2!

SWEPT - Original Artwork
SWEPT by Melanie Kightley

The Hare + Klein Designer Rugs Collection is available From Designer Rugs.

Photography by: Jenni Hare