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The Inimitable Style of Boffi

Piero Boffi founded the company in 1934 in Milan and built his first factory in 1947 with his sons. Their first coloured kitchen, called Series C, was built in 1954. The company continued to grow and respond to the contemporary desire for built in kitchens and began to collaborate with designers such as Joe Colombo, who designed the Minikitchen in 1963.

In 1980 Antonio Citterio designed the company’s first bathroom range, a synthesis between storage and high tech. Since then Boffi stores have opened in Paris, New York, London, Berlin and Copenhagen with the flagship store Boffi Solferino in Milan, with wardrobe designs added to the Boffi collection in 2010. The collaborations with designers have continued, and include many of the most celebrated names, the latest being a kitchen designed by Patricia Urquiola which was launched in Milan in April.

Boffi has always taken the subject of sustainability seriously and it is at the core of its business principals. It is part of Boffi’s values, culture, creative technology and entrepreneurship, and is part of every decision-making phase in planning, production and control.

Last year, Edwina Withers and Andrew Towzell opened Boffi Studio Sydney in Darlinghurst, bringing the quality materials, innovative design, fine production and the inimitable Boffi style to Sydney – cause for celebration!

All images supplied by Boffi Studio Sydney