Highlights of Milan 2014

The Magic of Paola Lenti

The team at Hare + Klein has identified Paola Lenti as the most outstanding colourist this year in Milan.

She is a magician when it comes to the subtle art of creating colour in fabrics, somehow managing to make an almost fluro shade easy on the eye.

She released an interior living room setting that took our breath away! The combination of vibrant colour and chunky texture was extraordinary. The sofa was covered in a highly textured fabric woven with chunky yarns across the warp and weft. Turquoise, purple, pink on charcoal and verdant green were some of the many colours featured.

She has also given new life to traditional techniques such as knitting, crochet and coiling through contemporary colour + styling. The magic continues!

We have a few special projects with a touch of Paola Lenti on order through dedece. Looking forward to seeing these colourful sculptural pieces in situ later this year. We’ll be sure to share them with you too!