Hare + Klein Detail Series

Residential Bedroom Design

Bedrooms are the most important rooms in a home. They should be all about comfort and relaxation and they should feel inviting – a retreat or sanctuary to escape to. Their design follows the language of the house, however in this space calm is the overriding mood informing all design decisions. Given the personal nature of this room, one of the challenges when designing for couples is in representing the wants and needs of both parties and finding the balance between masculine and feminine. The choice of colour, bed, bedlinen, blankets, covers, headboards, throws and pillows are crucial to the outcome. Lighting and curtain/blind choices also form a crucial part of the scheme. Lighting is client specific with atmosphere lighting largely low-level and reflected, while task lighting varies based on the client’s requirements. Many of the houses that we design have beautiful views so a balance must be struck between privacy, light and outlook.