Favourite Things


Whether a humble bowl – used in everyday rituals – or a decorative art piece, ceramics made by skilled artists are unique objects, as clay reflects both the hand of the maker and the environment it is made in.  The history of ceramics is a long one, and often ancient clay artefacts reveal the culture of their time and convey stories of past civilisations. Appreciation of handmade ceramics runs deep in Hare + Klein.

We often find that beautiful pieces made by ceramic artists resonate with our interiors, adding depth as well as texture and shape. The individual nature of the art is important to us in creating homes for our clients that reflect their taste and personalities.

This week we highlight a few of our current favourites…


Flip Flop Slip by The Fortynine Studio These ceramics, created by The Fortynine Studio are simple and have an integral handmade quality with textured surfaces using remnant fabrics & textiles. The colours are divine – crisp white contrasting with deep black, grey & indigo. Perfect for any Hare + Klein dining table.

Ceramics by K.H. Würtz A father and son led team of studio ceramists from Denmark, their work is beautiful and raw, cleverly characterised by speckled earth tones and organic shapes.

Ceramics by Andrei Davidoff Characterised by beautiful graphic brushwork, his pieces are delicate in appearance but robust in form for everyday use.

Liz Stops ‘Stops’ Vases available from Planet Liz Stops creates amazing porcelain sculptures inspired by nature + hardware. Her forms are striking and sculptural and a favourite of the Hare + Klein team.

Ceramics by Deb Taylor at Little White Dish We met Deb Taylor from Little White Dish at a class session we had a year or so ago – Read Article. Her ceramics are appealing because of the organic nature of her work which retains the beauty of a hand thrown feel. Her glaze palette is quite often white which seems to make the porcelain substrate shine through.

Ceramics by MUD Now an international brand, MUD Ceramics are Australian born and made. We love that it looks fine and fragile, but is used by many restaurateurs for its durability and serviceability. And the colour range is to die for!

Gyorki Light by Szilvia Gyorgy available at Planet We love her deconstructed lights for the fluidity of their form, the thickness of the porcelain, the white or charcoal colour choice, and the fact that no two are the same.