The Art of Stucco with

Hermosa Painting Finishes

There are certain finishes that we love using and are timeless.  Stucco (plaster in Italian) is one that we have employed from time to time in both contemporary and traditional interiors.  The reflective quality of the hand buffed wax and the movement of the troweled plaster give depth and texture as well as reflected light.

David and the Hermosa Painting Finishes team are one of our favourite professional sub-contractors.  Their quality of work is consistently excellent as is their attention to detail and everyone – David and all of his team – are unfailingly polite and a pleasure to work with.

We caught up with David recently to learn a bit more about his approach to stucco…


How did you discover stucco and gain your skills in this craft?

After finishing my apprenticeship in painting and decorating I searched for artists to work and learn from. I found a company that was keen to use my painting skills and was also happy to teach me skills in the application of stucco and gilding. We traveled around Australia doing a variety of painted finishes in beautiful homes. I then traveled to Europe and spent time in Italy admiring the beautiful finishes of the cathedrals.

How has your business evolved since then?

When I arrived back in Australia I wandered into Porters Paints and discovered that they were displaying all of these amazing finishes that I had seen in Europe but that something was missing. I explained this to the owner Peter Lewis and he asked me to do sample boards to show my expertise in the finishes. He loved my samples and offered me the opportunity to create some feature walls in his stores to showcase my skills and generate business. That was 14 years ago and it has been an amazing relationship.

In addition to this I completed a small business management course at TAFE and studied for 2 years at The Entourage – a school for young entrepreneurs – which was quite a challenge, as I am dyslexic and left school at 15.

I’m currently working with a business coach always trying to improve my business, my education and myself.

Where do you find inspiration?

I love art and have grown up around it. With my mother being an artist, art and art history teacher and my father being a dentist, I had the best of both worlds combined to be a creative perfectionist.

Stucco vs. Paint – What qualities set stucco apart?

With 23 years experience in painting and decorating I can strongly say that I prefer to hold a trowel in my hand to a paintbrush, but the two marry quiet nicely!

At Hermosa Painting Finishes, we cater for painting and decorating and my team of highly trained painters follow my eye for detail.

Having your walls painted is a very clean, safe look… but diving into stucco is a world of beauty in movement, colour and excitement which leaves your dwelling with a Wow factor like no other.

Tell us about the most amazing project you’ve worked on.

Over the last 13 years I have done some incredible projects wit both Hare + Klein and Porter’s Paints in some amazing homes in the most beautiful parts of Australia.

One unique project that I worked on was a ceiling in 23 karat gold in an abstract style (check out my Instagram @hermosafinishes to see some images).