Designer Spotlight


…One could well ask. The depth and breadth of his work is astounding – all the more so because he is an untrained, uncertified designer in the traditional sense. We started to hear his name in the late 90’s (he designed the Wicker S-Chair in 1989) and he is now a household name – the diverse Tom Dixon brand encompassing everything from furniture and lighting to an expansive range of accessories that includes stationery, frangrances, barware and cast iron door stops. His genius is his imagination and ability to see the world in a different way. He finds inspiration in everyday objects and then redefines their meaning. “My slightly more successful designs seem to be ones that can be read in different ways, often quite opposite to their original intent..” – Tom Dixon ‘Dixonary’ [Violette Editions] We have come to anticipate his latest offerings during the Milan Design Week and this year he brought us the extraordinary MELT Lamps – that transform from distorted spherical pendants into glowing lights that are quite spellbinding. The Tom Dixon range is available in Australia from dedece Images courtesy of dedece