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Etched by Eloise

ETCHED by Eloise Fotheringham

Last in our Hare + Klein Designer Rugs Insight Series, but by no means least…

Today we catch up with Hare and Klein Interior Designer Eloise to discuss her rug ETCHED.

Which is your rug?  Etched

What was your concept?  My initial concept was to represent over-scaled woven textures in old ropes. I collected images of old ropes coiled on top of each other and strung out. I enlarged them on the photocopier to increase the scale and convert them to black & white. I began sketching over them on tracing paper, shading in the darker areas, grey tones and leaving the highlights to create an abstract representation of the texture & composition but I wasn’t achieving an outcome that I was happy with. My actual design materialised very quickly, sometimes they are the best ideas! I looked around the room and saw a friend’s scarf draped on the back a chair and was instantly drawn to the way the woven fabric had taken on the indigo dye and printed pattern. I applied my initial process of photocopying the fabric, enlarging & converting the pattern to B&W. I then began shading a section of the pattern with pencil on tracing paper. I repeated the pattern by photocopying the tracing paper over itself, layering the design. This resulted in a beautiful composition with different levels of transparency in the shaded areas

How did you develop your design? Once I had a concept I was happy with I took the hand sketch in to photoshop to develop the design in colour. Extracting areas with similar levels of opacity and assigning tones of inky grey blue to black, inspired by the indigo dyed fabric.

How was the texture worked through your design? I was really drawn to the raw texture of hemp and how little in fact it absorbed colour throughout the ‘Abrush’ dying process. It provided a natural backdrop with subtle variation and the inherent warm tone of the fibre coming through. The pattern was then layered in wool and the most heavily shaded areas were brought out in a deep inky blue silk, creating shimmering highlights that contrast to the raw hemp.

What did you learn from the overall process? I learnt a great deal throughout the process about the different characteristics of the natural fibres and how they take on the dye to different extents through the ‘Abrush’ dying process.

How does it feel to see the finished product? I felt privileged to have the opportunity to develop a hand knotted rug with Designer Rugs working with a range of such beautiful natural fibres. Seeing the design in the real was a little overwhelming but very satisfying, I also have huge respect for the weavers and craftsmanship involved in hand dying and knotting each individual rug. They are true artists!

ETCHED - Original Artwork
ETCHED as featured on the cover of Belle Australia

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Photography by: Jenni Hare