Meryl Hare's Perspective

Hare + Klein: Interior

When I had finished my first book ‘Texture Colour Comfort’ with David Clark, I swore I would never do another!  But 5 years is a long time and the memory had a way of blunting the stress I felt at the time!

In the years between, Hare + Klein have had the privilege of working on diverse projects.  Our design team has expanded in numbers and experience and I am inordinately proud of our ability to create individual, beautiful homes for our clients. 

As our portfolio had increased significantly since the last book – when approached by my publisher Thames & Hudson, I found myself saying ‘yes’!  They suggested that I should try doing the writing myself (David did most of the writing last time).  This was a huge challenge for me, as I thought of myself as a designer – not a writer

Having selected the 14 projects included in ‘Interior’ I started working on the copy – after work, in the evenings and weekends.  It took months of drafts, and bins full of scrunched up pages before I felt confident enough to show my first chapter to Niccii Kugler, my daughter, whose opinion I valued – she felt that I had ‘found my voice’!  A eureka moment!  

I started to enjoy the time spent writing and reflecting on each of these projects.  I knew the effort that each designer had expended – the sleepless nights and various challenges that are always part of the building process and felt it was important to give the back story and ‘explain’ each project in more than words and photographs.  That led me to include floor-plans, concept sketches and mood boards – encapsulating the essence of each project. 

Every new project is the beginning of a creative journey.  Sometimes that journey is straightforward, sometimes complex, but it’s a journey that we, as designers, relish, seeing creativity come to life in the most beautiful of ways.  The book is a celebration of all the people – clients, architects, artisans, builders, suppliers and our talented design team who have played a part of the creative process in the projects we’ve had the opportunity to work on together.

Each project has been captured on camera by talented professional photographers, who bring our interiors to life.  The book itself is a collaboration with the Associate Publisher- Paulina De Laveaux, who steered me through some moments of self- doubt, the very talented and delightful Designer – Daniel New and the patient and meticulous Editor – Sam Palfreyman, without whom, the book would not be readable! 

Signed copies of Hare + Klein: Interior are available for sale from the Hare + Klein concept store HK Edit

Images © Jessica Roberts & Crystal Oliver – https://www.thewho.com.au/roberts.com