Hare + Klein Detail Series

H+K Shelfies

Looking through our archives, we were drawn to some of the ‘Shelfies’ that we’ve collected over time. So why not dedicate a Detail Series post to the H+K Shelfie?

Arranging objects on shelves is a delightful way of playing with scale, colour, texture and proportion. It’s not permanent so you don’t have to be too self-conscious about it, and you can edit or add at will. And when you find something that you want to add to your collection, you can start the process again. So shelves and the objects on them are not static nor set in concrete, they are often a way of expressing a personality in a space.

Often we start the process by styling with our client’s collections, which then gives them the confidence to see how good their possessions can look and how much fun they can have!