This property was a 1970’s project home – severely outdated and run down. Having worked with this client previously, we understood their aesthetic – their love of beautiful artefacts and art, deep colour and natural textures, so the palette evolved from that prior knowledge. We needed to take the existing furniture into account in the floor-plan and create both communal and intimate spaces, within the budget provided.

We took the limited rectangular floor plan and extruded additional spaces to make comfortable, well-proportioned areas that would fit their existing furnishings. The new vertical cladding to the entire structure creates cohesion, extending up beyond the original roofline, as a parapet, to conceal the pitched roofline, giving it a contemporary appearance.

Quote from the owners ‘The final outcome is a sustainable, solar-powered home that is a pleasure to live in throughout the year, warm in winter and cool in summer with an inner spirit that nourishes the soul’.


Country Style – August 2018

Photographed by:

Jen Wilding

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