Inspired Textiles

The Art of Missoni

Inspiring new Missoni fabrics were presented by Wanda Jelmini, Creative Director for Missoni Home at Spence + Lyda recently. She gave a personal insight into her inspiration for the range and what struck us about this presentation was the incredible passion with which she approaches her craft. Missoni has a very distinctive look that has worked on the same principles over many years. Their design philosophy has remained true to their design heritage. There will always be a chevron and extraordinary colour combinations – some of the most obscure colours side by side, that when you step back come together as a whole. Only once you understand the construction and the layering of the various textures in their fabrics and textiles do you truly understand the complexity of Missoni fabrics. The many different levels and layers woven together result in layered detailed fabrics that are more than flat textiles, some are almost works of art. One of the pieces from the new range that shone for us was the moon-shaped pendant light that took their whole design philosophy from textile into lighting. We loved it! And their approach to pattern and texture translates beautifully to their monochromatic leather furniture – though restrained, it has their distinct signature.