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Unearthed by Belinda

UNEARTHED by Belinda Chippindale

Which is your rug? Unearthed

What was your concept? My concept was derived from a textured mixed media artwork I had constructed. My vision was to translate the etched and layered components into a piece of floor art. The layers of bitumen, wax and paint that were layered onto the plywood canvas were then etched and scratched back creating a rustic quality. Layer upon layer. Organic and spontaneous line work reminiscent of the Australian bush and dilapidated farm sheds. Corrugated, eroded and worn.

How did you develop your design? I explored many compositions by photographing detailed areas within the larger composition. The selected image was then digitally interpreted. I then used the original artwork to inform the colour palate. The depth of the black bitumen, warmth of the exposed plywood and the golden hues of the waxed layers.

How was the texture worked through your design? The detailed nature of this design provided a level of texture in itself. We therefore decided not to use too much material texture to overwhelm the design. The rug is primarily wool, with abrush dyed yarn for the block black area. Silk has been used to highlight the etched line work through the solid colour and also the waxed areas from the original artwork.

What did you learn from the overall process? It took a few attempts to get the colour palate correct, as the abrush technique is hard to repeat in terms of exacting the colour. Next time I would spend more time editing between the detail photographic image and the final artwork for the rug.

How does it feel to see the finished product? There is a certain sense of responsibility knowing that someone has patiently followed a detailed and organic pattern – day in day out – to create this one off rug. So I am grateful and thankful for the time and effort taken to articulate my vision and create a unique piece of floor art.

UNEARTHED - Textured Mixed Media Artwork

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Photography by: Jen Wilding