Detail Series

Creating a Focussed and Comfortable Home Office

When you consider the amount of time that we spend at a desk, working or organising our lives, the environment should make us feel comfortable, focused and organised. It doesn’t matter if it’s our home office, a designated corner of a room, a study or corporate office, design plays a big part in achieving a good work space.

Taking comfort as the first criteria, the choice of chair is critical and everyone has a different idea of comfort. Chairs may become less relevant as standing desks become more common, but for those of us who risk sitting, the chair is crucial! The relationship of desk – to chair – to the angle of the computer or laptop is also part of being comfortable.

Focus is helped by a calm environment and good lighting, so the mood of the work space is important and very personal. Getting organised depends on how you file and how much paper you accumulate, again it’s personal, but generally most of us need to file some paperwork, so storage is important.

All in all the design of a study or office can make a big difference to how productive we can be.

Photography by Jenni Hare Anson Smart Eloise Fotheringham